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1. British English and American English

English is spoken in both Britain and the United States. However, there are certain differences, especially in vocabulary.
Hyde Park is gorgeous in autumn.
Central park is also gorgeous in the fall.

2. British English versus American English

British American
Film Movie
Holiday Vacation
Biscuit Cookie
Lorry Truck
Flat Apartment
Lift Elevator
Chemist's / pharmacy Drugstore
Chips Fries / French fries
Crips Chips
Petrol Gas / gasoline
Sweet Candy
Garden Yard
Post Mail
Head teacher Principal
Car park Parking lot
Rubbish Trash / garbage
Football Soccer
Queue Line
Trousers Pants
Underground Subway
Shop Store
Rubber Eraser
Mobile phone Cell phone
Cinema Movie theater / movies
Torch Flashlight

2. Other differences

  • Apart from having different words for the same meaning, there are also cases where the word is the same, but with some spelling change.
    British American
    Colour Color
    Mum Mom
    Theatre Theater
    Favourite Favorite
    Grey Gray
    Licence License
    Traveller Traveler
    Dialogue Dialog / dialogue
    Aeroplane Airplane
    Paediatrician Pediatrician
    Learnt Learned
  • In British English they use the verb have got, whereas in American English they use the form have.
    I haven't got a garden.
    I don't have a yard.


Although British and American English generally follow the same rules, there are some differences between them.
Differences British English American English
Vocabulary Autumn Fall
Garden Yard
Film Movie
Rubber Eraser
Spelling Colour Color
Mum Mom
Favourite Favorite
Aeroplane Airplane
Grammar Have got Have