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1. Los cardinal numbers

To count in English and to indicate exactly a certain amount of elements we will use the cardinal numbers.

The number 0 can be called in different ways depending on the context. The main ones are:   

  Use Examples
ZERO Mathematics, temperature, etc. We are 3 degrees below zero.
OH Phone numbers, rooms, years, etc. My number is: six-two-seven-five-oh-one-two-four-oh.
I have six dogs.
My lucky number is nine.

2. Two-digit numbers

The numbers in English from 10 onwards are formed as follows:

Numbers 11 and 12 have a specific name. From number 13 to 19 all numbers end in -teen:

I usually go to bed at eleven o'clock.
This boy runs fifteen kilometres every day.

The tens end with the particle -ty from number 20:

Watch out the spelling of number 40.   fourty   forty!

In the rest of the cases, when we have a number formed by two digits, we write the ten followed by a dash and the corresponding unit:

I'm fifty-two years old.
The meeting starts in forty-five minutes.

4. Numbers of more than two digits

To refer to the hundreds we will use the following structure:


One hundred

Four hundred

To refer to the thousands we will use the following structure:


Five thousand

Thirty-seven thousand

To refer to the units of millions we will use the following structure:


Thirty-two million

From these quantities, we only have to make combinations as appropriate, bearing in mind that we will use the conjunction and to link hundreds or thousands with tens and/or units.

450 Four hundred and fifty
201 Two hundred and one
1,025 One thousand and twenty-five
1,005 One thousand and five

In English, they use a dot to separate the decimals and a comma to determine the thousands.

The shoes cost five hundred and forty-nine euros.
They defrauded seven hundred million euros.
The words hundred, thousand and million have no plural form when they follow a number.
I have got two million dollars in the bank / I have got two millions dollars in the bank.

7. Cardinal numbers with years and phone numbers

  • To express years: The number tends to be divided into two groups of two figures and pronounced separately:
    In fourteen ninety-two Cristobal Colon discovered America.
    If the year ends in 00, the first two figures are grouped together and the word hundred is added.
  • For phone numbers: They are said one by one, never grouped.
    My phone number is 634 023 455 (six, three, four, oh, two, three, four, double five).
    When two of same number are together, they are written or spoken using the word double followed by the repeated number.