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Practice with the exercises:
Exercise 1

1. Adjectives with prepositions

There are many adjectives that are followed by prepositions and there's no rule to know which preposition goes with an adjective, therefore, they should be learnt together.
The streets are crowded with people.
He is afraid of snakes.

2. Some of the most common adjectives with prepositions

As we said before, we should learn both the adjective and its corresponding preposition together, so here are some of the most common ones.

Afraid of
Angry with (someone)
Angry about (something)
Good/bad at
Typical of
Interested in
Nice/kind to
Sorry about (something)
Sorry for (someone)
Married to
Proud of/about
Worried about
Full of
Famous for
Crowded with
Tired of
Different from
Crazy about
Nervous about
Excited about
Keen on
When the complement following an adjective is a verb, this is used in the gerund (-ing).
He's interested in dancing.
I'm good at painting.


Adjectives with prepositions
Afraid of Worried about
Angry with/about Full of
Good/bad at Famous for
Typical of Crowded with
Interested in Tired of
Married to Different from
Nice / kind to Crazy about
Sorry about (something) Nervous about
Sorry for (someone) Excited about
Proud of/about Keen on