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Practice with the exercises:
Exercise 1

1. Too and enough

The particles too and enough are used to indicate the degree of a quantity or quality.
This roller coaster is too scary for me.
There is enough room for everybody.

2. When are too and enough used?

  • TOO

    The particle too indicates excess, that is, the quantity or quality exceeds what is considered necessary.

    Structure Examples
    Too adjective This jumper is too big.
    adverb You eat too fast.
    much + uncountable noun There is too much salt in the salad.
    many + countable noun (plural) You've put too many chairs. We only need ten.

    The particle enough indicates that the quantity, number or quality of something is sufficient

    Structure Examples
    Adjective enough Our garden is big enough to hold the wedding.
    Adverb I didn't wake up early enough so I missed the bus.
    Enough + (adjective) + noun I haven't got enough free time to go to the gym.

Remember that too much, too many and enough can omit the noun they preceed when it has been mentioned previously or when it is already understood.

Don't bring any drinks, we have enough (drinks).
Don't buy more shoes. You've got too many (shoes).


Alaska is too cold for me.
There isn't enough ink in the printer.