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1. Basic connectors

The particles and, but, because, or, so and as are linking words that allow us to join sentences in a logical way and show how one sentence is related to another.








2. How are these connectors used?

  • AND

    It joins two words or sentences that are related in some way. It is also used to say that one thing follows another. It is also used to add information.

    John and Peter are in a restaurant.
    Christmas is a time for giving and getting.
  • BUT

    It is used to join two statements when the second one is opposed to the first.

    I need to get up but I'm tired.
    My hair is blond but it's not natural.

    It is a conjunction that indicates the reason why a statement occurs.

    I need a shower because I am dirty.
    I know about animals because I live in a farm.
    Because is also used to answer a question asked by the question word "why".
    - Why do you want to go to the beach?
    - Because I love swimming.
  • OR

    It connects different possibilities or choices. When there are more than two options to connect, the conjunction or will go between the last two options.

    You can pay by credit card or in cash.
    Learn to play the violin, the piano or the trumpet.

    In negative phrases it is used to express that neither one nor the other is possible.

    You can't sit in the first or second row.
    I'm not going to be a doctor or a dentist.

    We also use or to express that something bad or unpleasant could happen if a particular thing is not done.

    Wear your uniform properly or you can't come in.
    Tie your shoes or you'll fall down.
  • SO

    It is a connector that expresses a result or decision about a previous situation. It is also used to enter a phrase, comment or question.

    I was very tired so I went straight to bed.
    So, after lunch, we decided to go for a walk.
  • AS

    It is used to express the reason why a certain action has happened. As will be followed by a comma when it introduces a sentence. It is also used to express that an action occurs at the same time as another.

    As I was hungry, I went to eat something.
    As I was driving, my brother was sleeping.


  Use Examples
AND It links words and actions. It adds information. I want some tea and some coffee.
BUT It connects opposing ideas I want to go but I'm tired.
BECAUSE It indicates reason I need to eat because I'm hungry.
OR It connects possibilities or choices Are you going to read this book or not?
SO It expresses a result/decision about a situation. It introduces a comment or question I was very tired so I went straight to bed.
AS It introduces the reason why something has happened. It also expresses actions that occur simultaneously I turned off the TV as I wanted to sleep.