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Practice with the exercises:
Exercise 1

1. So and such

So and such are particles that we use to give intensity or emphasis to what we say.
Don't be so noisy!
I've never seen such a tall person.

2. The word so

  • The word so goes before an adjective or an adverb.
    The fish is so beautiful!
    She dances so beautifully!
  • The word so can be use with that to introduce a result or a consequence.
    The book is so good that I can't put it down.
    He walks so fast that we can't catch him.
  • The word so can also be used with a noun, as long as it is preceded by the words much, many, little y few.

    - When it's a countable noun we'll use so many and so few.
    - When it's an uncountable noun we'll use so much and so little.

    Where did you find so many chestnuts?
    I've got so much money!
These words can also be used with the word that:
I've got so few shoes that I'll have to buy some.
There is so little salt that the food is insipid.

3. The word such

  • The word such precedes an adjective followed by a noun. If it's a singular countable noun, we'll have to use the indefinite article a/an. If it's uncountable, or a plural countable noun, no article is used.


    Countable singular
    She is such a cheerful girl.
    Countable plural / uncountable
    She has such beautiful eyes.
  • The word such can be used with the word that to introduce a result or a consequence.
    It was such a nice day that I went for a walk.
    They are such delicious cakes that we will eat them all.


The words so an such are used to emphasize a description or an opinion.
So Such
So + adjective / adverb
Such + a / an adjective + singular noun
My new flatmate is so sociable!

I have never been in such a beautiful city.

So much / many + noun
Such + adjective + uncountable noun
You shouldn't put in so much sugar.
She bought such fresh food.
So little / so few + no
Such + adjective + plural noun
I have so few books at home.
She made such big mistakes in the exam.
So + adjective / adverb...that...
Such + adjective + noun...that...
That film was so sad that I couldn't stop crying.
It was such a sunny morning that we went to the beach.